“Pork With a Purpose”

Our family farmers honor age-old farming traditions and are dedicated to producing top-quality pork responsibly, humanely and in a manner respectful of the environment.

Our farms are located in the Cornbelt – a landscape rich in agriculture and tradition. The Midwest is an ideal place to farm, with its fertile soil, ample grains, hard-working farm families and beautiful, rural countryside.

Only 3% of the pork produced in the United States is antibiotic-free. We should know. We produce most of it.

VaNDE rOSE fARMS And the lynch family foundation

Vande Rose Farms, along with The Lynch Family Foundation, has continued their mission of supporting others. The “Pork with a Purpose” movement goes far beyond the products we produce. It is the drive behind our company to make the world a better place than when we found it. That is “Pork with a Purpose”.

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