Prop 12 and Vande Rose Farms

California and Massachusetts have passed laws raising their animal welfare standards.

These laws being implemented January 1, 2022, are known as Prop 12 and Question 3.



– Limits the time animals are restrained during the breeding process.
– Sets minimum space requirements during gestation.
– Requires all producers to either comply with new production standards or stop selling pork in those states.


– Stop selling pork…INCLUDING BACON…no way!
– Partner with a compliant pork producer…like us!
– Pork will be limited as major packers study their ROI…we are ready today!

Why be a trailblazer?

– Be the FIRST to market, creating invaluable marketing opportunities.

– We will guarantee your supply.

– California and Massachusetts are just the beginning. States are (re)writing their statute on animal welfare.

– Product will be limited. The major packers will be affected and forced to update production practices, if they want to continue to sell pork in those states. This won’t happen overnight.

– Upgrade your pork program today to avoid scrambling for supply when implementation happens in 2022.