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Premium Duroc Pork: Tender, Juicy and Full of Flavor

Of all the breeds of pigs, Duroc hogs produce pork known for its rich, red color and adored by chefs and food-lovers alike for its juiciness, tenderness and flavor.

Vande Rose Farms Duroc pork comes from local family farmers, who continue a 175-year-old American tradition, raising heritage Duroc pigs without antibiotics, growth promotants or animal by-products. Our Duroc hogs are fed a wholesome, 100% vegetarian diet consisting of locally raised corn and soybeans.

All of our Duroc pork products are crate-free, all-natural and antibiotic-free, including our award winning hand-crafted artisan applewood-smoked bacon and succulent city hams.

Treat yourself and the ones you love to a memorable eating experience today with Duroc heritage pork products from Vande Rose Farms. To find our award-winning bacon, the best holiday hams or other pork products, contact us at 563-412-9592 or email us.

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“Pork With a Purpose”

Our family farmers honor age-old farming traditions and are dedicated to producing top-quality pork responsibly, humanely and in a manner respectful of the environment.

Our farms are located in the Cornbelt – a landscape rich in agriculture and tradition. The Midwest is an ideal place to farm, with its fertile soil, ample grains, hard-working farm families and beautiful, rural countryside.

Only 3% of the pork produced in the United States is antibiotic-free. We should know. We produce most of it.


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“A Memorable Eating Experience”

Vande Rose Farms bacon has been voted by many news and media outlets as, America’s Best Bacon.

You can see for yourself in Food & Wine Magazine, Men’s Journal, The Des Moines Register, Extra Crispy, and Fox News – Food and Drink.

OUR BACON begins with superior Duroc hogs, a 175-year-old heritage breed prized for its high level of marbling that creates a naturally moist and tender texture. Durocs are a meaty breed, and produce exceptionally flavorful and juicy hams and bellies.

Artisan Applewood Smoked Bacon
Bruce Aidells, a renowned meat expert, author and chef, developed a unique dry cure for our artisan applewood smoked bacon. This award-winning delicacy is celebrated by bacon lovers everywhere.

The media agrees, our BACON IS SENSATIONAL


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