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We value sustainable production practices on the farm and in our processing plants to benefit people, pigs, and the planet. We pride ourselves on a slow chain speed that ensures every piece has been carefully crafted to our exacting specifications. The results speak for themselves; richly colored, perfectly marbled, firmly textured all ensuring the best eating experience time after time.

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Because our herds do not receive antibiotics, we take great care in managing every aspect of the animal’s health. Our facilities protect them from disease. Our farmers strictly monitor their vegetarian diet to ensure it doesn’t contain the animal by-products found in conventional feed. We continue this adherence to quality throughout the lifespan of the hog and beyond, and we are certified in these rigorous standards from our farms to your tables.



Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system of controls that mitigate and pinpoint where hazards may occur and enact stringent methods to prevent hazards from occurring.

SQF Level III Certified

Safe Quality Food (SQF) is focused on food safety fundamentals. Our Level III status manages risk, increases our market reach, and meets the requirements of the most stringent food safety demands.


Pork Quality Assurance(R) Plus (PQA+) is food safety and animal care certification program designed to meet the needs of restaurants, food retailers, and consumers. All products produced in PQA+ facilities have met the highest quality, safety, and animal well-being standards.