Our Award-Winning, Artisan
Applewood-Smoked Bacon is the Best

Brown sugar-cured and slow-smoked over applewood chips, our bacon is full of old-fashioned flavor in every delicious bite.

Vande Rose Farms produces award-winning, dry-cured artisan bacon celebrated by bacon lovers everywhere. Savory marbled Duroc pork bellies are hand-rubbed with a mixture of brown sugar, black pepper and a pinch of salts, accentuating the naturally rich flavors of our heritage breed pork. Slow smoked over real applewood and then thickly sliced, our best bacon cooks to a thick and hearty texture. No added water or phosphates means little shrinkage and robust, natural flavor.

It’s no secret why Vande Rose Farms’ bacon has earned recognition from Cook’s Illustrated, Men’s Journal, and Food and Wine magazines.

Our bacon is made using premium quality pork from Duroc hogs, an American heritage breed of pigs. Duroc pork is well-known for its rich, red color and its tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Our family farmers feed their pigs a 100% vegetarian mixture of locally raised corn and soybeans. Our pigs are never fed or administered antibiotics or growth promotants.

Artisan Cured

Today, the term “artisan” refers to the craft of hand-making goods. At Vande Rose Farms, “artisan” means that each slab of bacon is cured with care by the hands of a skilled craftsman who takes pride in providing the highest quality premium pork products.

To find or order Vande Rose Farms artisan bacon, contact us at 563-340-2993 or email us.

Artisan Dry Cured Bacon – 3 Pack
Artisan Dry Cured Bacon – 5 Pack

“This pork is more pampered than most people. Hand rubbed and slow smoked, there’s a reason Vande Rose Farm’s dry aged bacon was named the best you’ll ever eat.”